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  8/19/2016   Review of HOSTGATOR Shared Baby

Editorial Review

Been itching to write a review on Host Gator for a long time. So this offer they have is advertised at 6$/month, but that's only if you sign on and pre pay for 3 years in advance. If you are going month-to-month on payments, it's more like double that, coming in at about 12$/month.

So here's the good part. You get a decent entry-level cPanel server for pretty cheap. You can even downgrade to the HATCHLING plan, which is even cheaper. Basically, if you're willing to prepay for , it's hard to beat 6$ a month price wise.

But it's not all flowers and unicorns after you buy. My main gripes with HG are: 1) The signup process is a real bitch. This is one of the only companies that asked me to send in copies of my ID when I signed up, without which they would not enable the service. 2) Customer service is slow to respond to emails and getting a live agent on the phone takes awhile.
3) Since they are so big, they get attacked by hackers a lot. There was a period where the server I was on kept getting DDoS attacked non-stop.

I will say this though - out of all the companies I have bought hosting from, no spams my inbox more then HostGator with discount offers. Every week, they are running some kind of promotion that can cut down on the upfront cost even more. Sometimes up to 75% off. So if you get on their mailing list and just wait for the right moment, you can get a pretty decent hosting package for dirt cheap.

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Product Information

Company Name HOSTGATOR
Company Homepage URL
Company Location USA
Server Type Shared
Plan Name Baby
Product URL

Basic Features

Server OS Linux
Number of Visits (Unlimited?) No
Number of Visits 0
Number of Websites (Unlimited?) No
Number of Websites 1
Domains (Unlimited?) Yes
Domains Parked (Unlimited?) No
Domains Parked Limit 1
Subdomains (Unlimited?) Yes
Bandwidth (Unlimited?) Yes
Storage Space (Unlimited?) No
Storage Space Limit 0
Dedicated IP Address Included? No
MySQL Databases (Unlimited?) Yes
FTP Accounts (Unlimited?) Yes

Email Features

Email Accounts (Unlimited?) Yes
Email Storage (Unlimited?) No
Email Storage Limit 0.00gb


CPU Threads 1
Number of CPUs 1
Number of CPU Cores 1.00
CPU Speed 0.00ghz
CPU Brand Unknown CPU Brand
RAM 0.00gb
RAM Type Unknown RAM Type
Storage Type Unknown Storage Type

Extra Features

Server Managed? Yes
Uptime SLA 99.9000%
Free Domain Name Included? No
Management Console cPanel
Domain Name Privacy Included? No
SSL Included? Yes
SSH Access? Yes
CDN Included? No
Backup Solution Included? No
Amount of Backup Space 0
Root Access? No
Priority Support Included? No
Script Library Included? No
Script Library Unknown Script Library
Extras Pricing Domain Name Privacy ? 9.995/yr, SiteLock ? 1.67$/mo, Constant Contact ? 10$/mo, GoogleApps ? 5$/mo, CodeGuard ? 12$/yr, SearchEngine Visibility ? 14.99$/yr, Domain registration ? variable/yr,
Server Location USA, Canada
Developers Tools List PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SSI, Cron Jobs

Regular Pricing

Monthly Price 1 Month Term $11.95
Monthly Price 3 Month Term $11.95
Monthly Price 6 Month Term $11.95
Monthly Price 12 Month Term $11.95
Monthly Price 24 Month Term $10.95
Monthly Price 36 Month Term $9.95
Renewal Pricing Clearly Listed? Yes
Monthly Price 1 Month Term Discount Not Available
Monthly Price 3 Month Term Discount Not Available
Monthly Price 6 Month Term Discount Not Available
Monthly Price 12 Month Term Discount $8.95
Monthly Price 24 Month Term Discount $6.95
Monthly Price 36 Month Term Discount $5.95
First Year Total Cost of Ownership for 1 Month Term $143.40
First Year Total Cost of Ownership for 3 Month Term $143.40
First Year Total Cost of Ownership for 6 Month Term $143.40
First Year Total Cost of Ownership for 12 Month Term $143.40
First Year Total Cost of Ownership for 24 Month Term $131.40
First Year Total Cost of Ownership for 36 Month Term $119.40
New Customer Discount Information Renew at normal prices after initial term is over,
Payment Options AMEX VISA PayPal MasterCard Discover
Money Back Guarantee? Yes
Money Back Guarantee Term 45
Terms and Conditions HOSTGATOR Terms and Conditions
Cancellation Policy URL HOSTGATOR Cancellation Policy

Customer Service

24 Hour Support? Yes
Support Hours Unspecified Support Hours
Support Type Phone Chat Ticket
Support Location USA
Support Phone (866) 964-2867
Live Chat URL HOSTGATOR Live Chat
Ticket System URL HOSTGATOR Ticket System
Support Email Address Not Available

Additional Information

Product Description The HOSTGATOR Shared Baby hosting plan's lowest price is $5.95 / month. Offered with a 45 day money back guarantee. HOSTGATOR offers 24 hour support.
Anything Else Not Provided
Product Image Screenshot HOSTGATOR Shared Baby