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D9HOSTING Shared Shared host

    Review of D9HOSTING Shared Shared host

Editorial Review

Used this D9HOSTING plan to setup a website for some SEO work. So far so good. Uptime is OK, and customer support responds in a timely manner. Pretty good cPanel hosting option, with a backup tool included. Good discount for prepaying. Most payment methods are accepted and they offer a money back guarantee.

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    Review of FATCOW VPS Basic

Editorial Review

DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS. Fatcow is the worst. Antiquated tech, old management console, and overall a terrible customer service experience. I would avoid, and if you're a current customer, get out of your contract as soon as you can.

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GLOWHOST Shared Personal Hosting

    Review of GLOWHOST Shared Personal Hosting

Editorial Review

As far as reviewing this hosting plan, I'd go ahead and give GlowHost a solid 4 star. I've been a client for about 3 years, on two separate occasions. The first time, I had to cancel my account, and it was hassle-free. I requested the cancellation and it was done within a day or so.

This time around, I host a Wordpress blog on on this shared plan and it's been good so far. I prepaid my plan and got a discount because of that. Their support staff is available and competent.

Like most shared hosting plans, server uptime is kinds wonky at times. The server can go weeks without any issues, and then have a few outages. I use pingdom to track uptime and in the the last 12 months, there were 2 outages that lasted more than an hour.

I'm pretty happy with my product.

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A2HOSTING Shared Swift

    Review of A2HOSTING Shared Swift

Editorial Review

I've been using this hosting plan for one of my websites and it's quite fine. I haven't had to deal with their support (yet), but the initial setup was easy and painless. The only thing I didn't like was that they don't support Paypal subscription payments, and sometimes my credit card gets blocked on a fraud flag.

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WPENGINE WordPress Personal

    Review of WPENGINE WordPress Personal

Editorial Review

I absolutely LOVE WP Engine. I'm currently a client and I have been for over 4 years. When I first signed up, I was on this basic personal plan. If you are going to host Wordpress this company is definitely the way to go.

First of all, the support is fantastic. I've submitted tickets at all hours and consistently received replies quickly. Their support staff is nice, knowledgeable and quick to solve problems. You can email or live chat, and live chat support is always online. I've never had a support ticket go over 2-3 hours before being solved.

Second, site speed is LIGHTNING fast. I was initially running 3 concurrent sites on managed Wordpress hosts (WP Engine, Page.ly and MediaTemple), and the performance on my WPE install was by far the best. Even with the entry level plan, you get native caching. They also disallow WP plugins that slow down sites (here: https://wpengine.com/support/disallowed-plugins/). All in all, I have to say that in writing this review, that the WP site performance is the one point that they have down to an art.

Third, WP management. Backups are automatic and you can revert to a previous snapshot of your install in minutes. WP Engine will also upgrade you to the latest version of Wordpress automatically, and send you several notifications before doing the upgrade. They also install a set of functionality to help prevent hacking (like a login attempt counter / lockout after too many tries). The management dashboard is very simple to use, and you can migrate / copy a site with a few clicks. You also have a staging area automatically setup where you can try stuff out before pushing changes to your live site. They also add a WP Engine menu into the Wordpress install so you can do things like cache purging from the WP admin menu.

Finally, the first-time setup is easy to run through. Even with this starter plan, you can pick your server location (USA, Europe or Asia). The whole site setup takes less than 10 minutes. Billing is clear and simple - you can pay month-to-month or get a discount for prepaying for longer terms.

All in all, I give WP Engine a 5 star review for offering a hosting experience that I've yet seen to be matched by anyone else. They are an A+++ company that I would recommend to anyone looking at hosting a Wordpress site.

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    Review of AWARDSPACE VPS Starter VPS

Editorial Review

I don't recommend these guys for hosting VPS. I had a Starter VPS account with them about a year ago and there were 3 main points I hated about it: 1) They user 2Checkout for payments, and you have to jump through so many hoops to get that working properly. Billing was a pain. 2) The user management console is some weird custom thing they built, and it's a pain in the ass to navigate. 3) ALWAYS had issues logging into their customer portal using Chrome browser. Had to switch to FF just for that one all the time.

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DIGITALOCEAN Cloud Simple Pricing 1

    Review of DIGITALOCEAN Cloud Simple Pricing 1

Editorial Review

Great hosting company, if you are a techie / developer. These guys couldn't care less of a shit about your mom & pop shop trying to setup a website to sell cupcakes. But if you are technically proficient, it's a great hosting option.

Digital Ocean has a 5$/month entry level package. They don't use cPanel, but their administration portal is well built and easy to get around. The nice thing about DigitalOcean is that their whole business model is around being the most flexible host out there. So upgrading / downgrading your plan is super easy.

Their customer service is very fast to respond. They do ticket-only support. You can't call them. So they are super-fast and 24/7 on the support side when answering tickets.

It's definitely a company that is specialized and focused on hosting for web & app developers. You probably won't like using their services if you want something dead-simple. But if you are a developer, it's great.

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    Review of HOSTGATOR Shared Baby

Editorial Review

Been itching to write a review on Host Gator for a long time. So this offer they have is advertised at 6$/month, but that's only if you sign on and pre pay for 3 years in advance. If you are going month-to-month on payments, it's more like double that, coming in at about 12$/month.

So here's the good part. You get a decent entry-level cPanel server for pretty cheap. You can even downgrade to the HATCHLING plan, which is even cheaper. Basically, if you're willing to prepay for , it's hard to beat 6$ a month price wise.

But it's not all flowers and unicorns after you buy. My main gripes with HG are: 1) The signup process is a real bitch. This is one of the only companies that asked me to send in copies of my ID when I signed up, without which they would not enable the service. 2) Customer service is slow to respond to emails and getting a live agent on the phone takes awhile.
3) Since they are so big, they get attacked by hackers a lot. There was a period where the server I was on kept getting DDoS attacked non-stop.

I will say this though - out of all the companies I have bought hosting from, no spams my inbox more then HostGator with discount offers. Every week, they are running some kind of promotion that can cut down on the upfront cost even more. Sometimes up to 75% off. So if you get on their mailing list and just wait for the right moment, you can get a pretty decent hosting package for dirt cheap.

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BLUEHOST Shared Basic

    Review of BLUEHOST Shared Basic

Editorial Review

I've been a BlueHost customer for over 3 years, running multiple sites on multiple "Basic" hosting plans they offer. Hopefully this review can help some of you.

BlueHost is a HUGE company, and as a result their service is kinda ... meh. They are a decent & cheap hosting option if you're looking to start a website, but that's pretty much all.

My experience with BlueHost has been OK, but not stellar. Most of the time, you wait on hold to get a live body for support. Email support is slow. When you buy a shared plan, they say that you have a lot of disk space and "unmetered" bandwidth, but that's actually bullshit. I've received emails from their "Compliance" department saying that the file count on my plan was over what was allowed, and the only option to keep the plan active was to upgrade to a 30$/month professional plan. So there are definitely some shady upgrade practices at that company. When they say "unlimited", they really mean ... well ... limited.

It's not all negative though. I'm not saying that they scam their users. They do deliver a working server that's easy to manage through cPanel. They also don't harass you like some other hosting companies if you want to cancel your service. You can just set an option to not auto-renew (which is set by default), and they email you a few times before dinging your credit card for the next service period. On the shared plans, site uptime is decent - the servers do go down once in awhile, but overall it's manageable. At a price point of 3-5$ a month, it's hard to beat the price.

I guess in the end, you get what you pay for. These guys are simply "OK" in my mind. If you're looking for a dirt cheap hosting option that works fairly well, it'll do just fine.

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